Sometimes a Simple Idea Can Make a World of Difference

An idea whose time has come.

Finally a Practical Solution!

Light weight, versatile, all purpose EZ-Wagon

One Simple Idea Can Make All Of the Difference

Our EZ-Wagon Tuck-A-Way technology compresses so it can stand up on it's own wheels.
You can easily roll it up against the back wall of any garage - Right there when you need it and tucks away, out of the way, when you don’t.

Recreational & Sports

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Load up your favorite toy and let's hit the trail! Bike racks available and much more.

Outdoor & Gardening

Green thumbs welcomed! Now you have an extra space needed to load up on supplies for all of your gardening and outdoor needs.

Travel & Moving

Take less trips with your EZ Wagon and load up to 1,100 pounds of additional items. Fast and convenient is the name of the game!

Events & Equipment

Easily store all of your game day equipment or Mardi Gras supplies with easy set up. Great for external power units and generators.

This is not a Trailer...

Our EZ-Wagon is built by one of the largest aluminum trailer producers in the US. (Yes, US made) and is built to highest standards of the National Trailer. So the next time you are heading to the gardening store for a dozen bags of mulch or a stack of potted plants, or just to pick up a new shovel and a tree trimmer or new lawn mower: when it is time to take the kids to the beach or to see the grandparents, or pack up for a camping trip or a great family vacation; take the older ones off to college, or help them into their first apartment. You just roll out your EZ-Wagon and you are ready to roll! A few highlights:
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Dimensions 53” x 6'1/2”
  • Load 1,100 LBS.
  • 27" Wall Distance
  • 2000 lb. Torsion Bar for Smooth Ride
  • Tuck-A-Way Patented Technology
  • All Welded Aluminum
  • Light Weight 350 lbs Total
  • Tail Lights and Side Running Lights
  • Wiring and Harness Embedded Inside Frame
  • Side+Front Tie Down Bars
  • Handy Handle Easy Lifting
  • Only 7.5 lbs Tongue Weight
  • Customized Racks Available
  • 12" Radial Tires
  • Made in USA
Year Warranty
LB. Capacity
lb. Torsion Bar
Call Away!

Only the best will do!

Their two mid-western factories produce over 20,000 trailers of every size and design each year. You can be assured that your EZ-Wagon will be built to the National Trailers Manufacturing Association’s highest standards of excellence, and includes features that you won’t even find on much larger more expensive trailers.