How Does It Do That?

Smart. TECH. Space Saver.


When you are towing, the bed is extended like most trailers.
But when you are finished, there are two spring loaded pins
One on either side of the wagon. Release the pins and the bed slides

Forward up over the tongue, exposing the wheels in the back.
Re-set the pins in the forward slots to lock it back down and
Rotate it up on it’s own axle. The wheels never leave the ground.
Then just roll back up against the wall and out of the way.
It sticks out only 27” leaving plenty of room to park your car and walk around it.


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Our EZ-Wagon Tuck-A-Way technology compresses so it can stand up on it's own wheels. 
You can easily roll it up against the back wall of any garage - Right there when you need it and tucks away, out of the way, when you don’t.
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