Why Now? A Lifetime of Use


A lot of things come together turning a Good idea into a Great idea.

The simplicity, versatility, and convenience of owning an EZ-Wagon would have always been a Good idea. But recent trends in the auto industry has turned this Good idea into a Great one.

Excess space and comfort have been giving way to smaller size and efficiency. We have simply given you back the space and increased the comfort you need without sacrificing any of the efficiency.  

It stands waiting right there when you need it
And tucks away, out of the way, when you don’t.


There is no paint to peel because our all aluminum
wagon can never rust.

  • • So get one to take the kids (luggage and presents) to see the grand parents at Christmas.
  • • As they get older, haul their sports gear to a game or load up the camping gear for a weekend in the woods.
  • • Soon you will be packing them off to college
  • • Later give them the wagon and they can bring the grand kids to visit you for Christmas.

How will you use your wagon?

When Needed, Our EZ-Wagon Transforms Any small car or SUV Into a "ALL YOUR STUFF" carrying vehicle.


How about saving some time by not waiting around for your delivery, and saving money on those additional costs. Avoid those expensive deliveries fees with your new, very convenient EZ Wagon!


Your EZ-Wagon can carry a lot of camping gear or field trip supplies and is rugged enough to take on those dirt trails leading to camp sites.

Throw the luggage, beach gear or snow skies in the back and travel comfortably with plenty of room inside the car!

WEEKEND Warriors

Trips to the hardware or lumber store for weekend project. Your EZ-Wagon Carries 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood or sheetrock.  Need mulch and don’t want to spend the afternoon vacuuming out the back of the SUV. 

Emergency Use

Hurricanes, Forest Fires, Flash Flooding, Millions of people evacuate their homes every year and our evac-u-pak kit helps to organize and save more precious personal items! Your EZ-Wagon will hold up to eight, 48 gallon tubs built by Contico for Military Transport.